Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The discussion and Blog.

          So after you guys 'sent' me ideas in my last post, and now that I am a little done being depressed, I think me and you had a discussion. We can go in the backyard and play catch, and talk about why girls are so interesting all of a sudden.

lol, but really I wanted to sit down and have a discussion with any one who follows my blog and discuss some possibilities on game ideas, and maybe co-operations. If Nelson let's me (Which he probably will because he is really nice :D ) I will be hosting a conversation on his TS3 server. Feel free to join me there and talk about whatever!

The Time: 6pm (Eastern Time U.S & Canada)

I might have a room setup on there if Nelson let's me, or if not I'll just be in one of the lobbies no one goes in. We will see. Hope to see you guys there!

Oh and also, this blog is getting a little crowded, don't you think? I think it is about time I get a new one and consider this my old blog. Too many posts, damn too emotional. So I will be hosting a new Bondo Games blog, and this one will be considered the old one.

Check it out here: http://bondodev.blogspot.com

Also its Bondodev instead of bondogames

Shorter & Fast to type

The comments for this post will be checked for the next few days, but after that this blog will remain inactive.
Yes I plan to save a copy of the blog to my computer as a memory.

Now let me answer some of the ideas you guys gave me.

"Make an intergalactic sandbox game" - Robofighter1000
-Sounds very interesting, maybe discuss it a little more at the TS3 today?

"Make a space simulator game where you build rockets and launch them" - Robofighter1000
-That actually sounds like a good idea. Something small and easy to do. We will see•

"I JhaVE IT make a GAME ABout THE CiviL Waar AAnd TYOu AaRrrEE A slaaVeE AnDd You hElP kiLl THE SlavE oWnErRS." - Anonymous
-It would be nice if you could go into a little more detail when discussing ideas, because this actually sounds interesting. And if you could format your text, without pressing the Caps button randomly, that would be great too!

"Make a parkour game" - Anonymous
-I have actually gotten multiple requests for something like this over skype, and outlook. If you guys could go into a little more detail that would be great. It sounds like you have something forming in your head, but didn't really describe it very well.

"Have you done any work with multiplayer? becuz me and my friend like ur game dev but u never have multiplayer in it" - Anonymous
-I have dabbled in the field, but I am not all too familiar with the Networking area of games. I will try to learn more and hopefully get it into some of my newer games!

"Make a game about defending a forest by commanding animals" - Anonymous :3
-Interesting concept, we will see. Sounds like I would be doing more of an RTS style game.

"Make a 2D Zombie Game, it's simple." - Anonymous
-I have actually (believe it or not) had the same idea and already started on it, but I considered it silly and never really took it any where. However I might end up working on it a little more just for the fun of it.

"Make a game off the movie apollo 18" - Anonymous

Also guys, don't make me regret putting the "anonymous" option. Seems like most of you are picking that then a real account ^^


  1. ok so whats next are you going to pick something to work on or are you going to wait to start this until you finish your group work?
    idk what to say

  2. I had this gaming idea for some time but I’m no developer, nor I know anyone in this industry… I do however spend plenty of times playing video games (always had) Anyway, it’s about games for girls… I don’t know if you mentioned (probably have) but there are no large scale games for girls. Only flash dress up games and “pony” games. And of some Facebook games like Farmville, so the idea is to make a large scale game for girls and integrate several genres in it, gaming genres that all girls are interested in: for example Papa’s Freezeria game elements or any other series from Papa Louie’s restaurant games. And some Farmville elements, basically I’m talking about 1. Cooking game elements, 2. “Farming” Elements and 3. Management (restaurant management in this case). I know this is a very shallow “plan” but still lol. Let me know what you think of the idea please, Thank you.