Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The end of Here, and the start of there.

So this blog here will be taken down some time today, the new blog will remain up and that is where you will get the updates from now one.

"So are you going to wait for your next project to be finished with that group?" - Robofighter1000
-No, I will be discussing ideas with you guys, I have some REALLY BIG NEWS I discovered the secrets of Networking and Multiplayer, you can check more on that on the new blog.

I hope to see you guys in the next game I make, because now that I understand networking, and a lot of new things that I have been doing with people, I think I'm ready to start a really big project with you guys!

Hope to see you in the next blog! BAAAIII

New Blog:

(This blog's comments are no longer being checked)
(The blog itself will be shutdown some time today)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The discussion and Blog.

          So after you guys 'sent' me ideas in my last post, and now that I am a little done being depressed, I think me and you had a discussion. We can go in the backyard and play catch, and talk about why girls are so interesting all of a sudden.

lol, but really I wanted to sit down and have a discussion with any one who follows my blog and discuss some possibilities on game ideas, and maybe co-operations. If Nelson let's me (Which he probably will because he is really nice :D ) I will be hosting a conversation on his TS3 server. Feel free to join me there and talk about whatever!

The Time: 6pm (Eastern Time U.S & Canada)

I might have a room setup on there if Nelson let's me, or if not I'll just be in one of the lobbies no one goes in. We will see. Hope to see you guys there!

Oh and also, this blog is getting a little crowded, don't you think? I think it is about time I get a new one and consider this my old blog. Too many posts, damn too emotional. So I will be hosting a new Bondo Games blog, and this one will be considered the old one.

Check it out here:

Also its Bondodev instead of bondogames

Shorter & Fast to type

The comments for this post will be checked for the next few days, but after that this blog will remain inactive.
Yes I plan to save a copy of the blog to my computer as a memory.

Now let me answer some of the ideas you guys gave me.

"Make an intergalactic sandbox game" - Robofighter1000
-Sounds very interesting, maybe discuss it a little more at the TS3 today?

"Make a space simulator game where you build rockets and launch them" - Robofighter1000
-That actually sounds like a good idea. Something small and easy to do. We will see•

"I JhaVE IT make a GAME ABout THE CiviL Waar AAnd TYOu AaRrrEE A slaaVeE AnDd You hElP kiLl THE SlavE oWnErRS." - Anonymous
-It would be nice if you could go into a little more detail when discussing ideas, because this actually sounds interesting. And if you could format your text, without pressing the Caps button randomly, that would be great too!

"Make a parkour game" - Anonymous
-I have actually gotten multiple requests for something like this over skype, and outlook. If you guys could go into a little more detail that would be great. It sounds like you have something forming in your head, but didn't really describe it very well.

"Have you done any work with multiplayer? becuz me and my friend like ur game dev but u never have multiplayer in it" - Anonymous
-I have dabbled in the field, but I am not all too familiar with the Networking area of games. I will try to learn more and hopefully get it into some of my newer games!

"Make a game about defending a forest by commanding animals" - Anonymous :3
-Interesting concept, we will see. Sounds like I would be doing more of an RTS style game.

"Make a 2D Zombie Game, it's simple." - Anonymous
-I have actually (believe it or not) had the same idea and already started on it, but I considered it silly and never really took it any where. However I might end up working on it a little more just for the fun of it.

"Make a game off the movie apollo 18" - Anonymous

Also guys, don't make me regret putting the "anonymous" option. Seems like most of you are picking that then a real account ^^

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Here you go

So reading the last post comment made me feel a little, well... Depressed, as the fact of the matter is I have not finished ONE of the projects posted on this blog. NOT ONE. And it just really makes me sad that I am not able to stick to one project

However, I found the reason why.
"I haven't come up with a single original game idea".
It's that simple, not a single one of my games are original and not based off of something else or referenced to something else, so the fact of the matter is. I have the skill to do this stuff, lots of pratice has shown it. The only problem now is a game idea.

A solid game idea, not just one you shit out and post on the blog, but a game idea you would be proud of. Something you REALLY would like to be created. Take Unturned for example, who would have thought about making a zombie game, without high quality graphics and using as a view vertices as possible? Only Nelson did. Whenever a zombie game was made, it was like "BE THE TOP QUALITY GAME!" but with Nelson, for god sakes the ground is two colors! Black and Green. So the fact of the matter is, I have no idea for a game idea. I am at a blank, so if you guys want to throw some my way (Maybe a lot if you could) It would mean something to me.

The only requirements I have for the moment is:
-Nothing with Advanced AI's (AI's that can feel emotion and culture and are effected and have mood swings)
-Nothing where you ask me to make "Top of the line graphics" due to the fact that I am not too good in that area.

Those are my only rules, so if you guys have an idea, shoot. But for now all that seems to be happening is me practicing scripts more and advancing my skills, but with no project to use this knowledge on.

Feel free to leave a comment of your game idea. Multiple is always nice!

Monday, February 3, 2014

The new Pages

I decided to create some blog pages to help you guys understand some things about me, and to give you guys more detail on what's going on.

Above the most recent post you will see "Home" "FAQ" "About Me" and "Donate".

Displays the most recent posts, and is the default blog page.

Tells you guys about some Frequently Asked Questions that Iget

About Me:
Gives you guys a little Back-Board behind my life. And who I am.

Allows you guys to choose to help in the game dev process, since I come from a poor family, I can't afford to get the "Top of the line" stuff. But it's never required, and always will be optional!

Later today:
  • Details on my new Android Game, "Flood".
  • Information about my latest Side Project "Installation 01" Which I am working in a group with.
See you guys then! Feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you in the next post!

Sunday, February 2, 2014


As usual the project is being postponed, not for very long however.
The problem is this project will take a while to make, and I kind of need something to release soon. I will not however specify why. Any ways, so with a group of people I am now working on a new project called "Flood" (Not the finished name). Any ways, it's an Android game for now that will probably be released in about 2 months if we can get licensing. It's looking really good so far, won't provide too many details about gameplay however due to legal documents and etc.

But I can give you a screenshot.

Isn't it beautiful? lol.

Any ways, I hope to get this in to the hands of you guys within two months, and in my next post I'll share some more details about the game!

BTW, these are not the finished graphics, these are just for testing.