Tuesday, March 18, 2014

We moved!

Sorry the blog has been moved to a new location due to 'cleaning up' the posts and such, wanted to get back to real game development and to do that, a clean canvas was needed to work with!

Check out the latest Bondo Games Development:

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The end of Here, and the start of there.

So this blog here will be taken down some time today, the new blog will remain up and that is where you will get the updates from now one.

"So are you going to wait for your next project to be finished with that group?" - Robofighter1000
-No, I will be discussing ideas with you guys, I have some REALLY BIG NEWS I discovered the secrets of Networking and Multiplayer, you can check more on that on the new blog.

I hope to see you guys in the next game I make, because now that I understand networking, and a lot of new things that I have been doing with people, I think I'm ready to start a really big project with you guys!

Hope to see you in the next blog! BAAAIII

New Blog: http://bondodev.blogspot.com/

(This blog's comments are no longer being checked)
(The blog itself will be shutdown some time today)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The discussion and Blog.

          So after you guys 'sent' me ideas in my last post, and now that I am a little done being depressed, I think me and you had a discussion. We can go in the backyard and play catch, and talk about why girls are so interesting all of a sudden.

lol, but really I wanted to sit down and have a discussion with any one who follows my blog and discuss some possibilities on game ideas, and maybe co-operations. If Nelson let's me (Which he probably will because he is really nice :D ) I will be hosting a conversation on his TS3 server. Feel free to join me there and talk about whatever!

The Time: 6pm (Eastern Time U.S & Canada)

I might have a room setup on there if Nelson let's me, or if not I'll just be in one of the lobbies no one goes in. We will see. Hope to see you guys there!

Oh and also, this blog is getting a little crowded, don't you think? I think it is about time I get a new one and consider this my old blog. Too many posts, damn too emotional. So I will be hosting a new Bondo Games blog, and this one will be considered the old one.

Check it out here: http://bondodev.blogspot.com

Also its Bondodev instead of bondogames

Shorter & Fast to type

The comments for this post will be checked for the next few days, but after that this blog will remain inactive.
Yes I plan to save a copy of the blog to my computer as a memory.

Now let me answer some of the ideas you guys gave me.

"Make an intergalactic sandbox game" - Robofighter1000
-Sounds very interesting, maybe discuss it a little more at the TS3 today?

"Make a space simulator game where you build rockets and launch them" - Robofighter1000
-That actually sounds like a good idea. Something small and easy to do. We will see•

"I JhaVE IT make a GAME ABout THE CiviL Waar AAnd TYOu AaRrrEE A slaaVeE AnDd You hElP kiLl THE SlavE oWnErRS." - Anonymous
-It would be nice if you could go into a little more detail when discussing ideas, because this actually sounds interesting. And if you could format your text, without pressing the Caps button randomly, that would be great too!

"Make a parkour game" - Anonymous
-I have actually gotten multiple requests for something like this over skype, and outlook. If you guys could go into a little more detail that would be great. It sounds like you have something forming in your head, but didn't really describe it very well.

"Have you done any work with multiplayer? becuz me and my friend like ur game dev but u never have multiplayer in it" - Anonymous
-I have dabbled in the field, but I am not all too familiar with the Networking area of games. I will try to learn more and hopefully get it into some of my newer games!

"Make a game about defending a forest by commanding animals" - Anonymous :3
-Interesting concept, we will see. Sounds like I would be doing more of an RTS style game.

"Make a 2D Zombie Game, it's simple." - Anonymous
-I have actually (believe it or not) had the same idea and already started on it, but I considered it silly and never really took it any where. However I might end up working on it a little more just for the fun of it.

"Make a game off the movie apollo 18" - Anonymous

Also guys, don't make me regret putting the "anonymous" option. Seems like most of you are picking that then a real account ^^

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Here you go

So reading the last post comment made me feel a little, well... Depressed, as the fact of the matter is I have not finished ONE of the projects posted on this blog. NOT ONE. And it just really makes me sad that I am not able to stick to one project

However, I found the reason why.
"I haven't come up with a single original game idea".
It's that simple, not a single one of my games are original and not based off of something else or referenced to something else, so the fact of the matter is. I have the skill to do this stuff, lots of pratice has shown it. The only problem now is a game idea.

A solid game idea, not just one you shit out and post on the blog, but a game idea you would be proud of. Something you REALLY would like to be created. Take Unturned for example, who would have thought about making a zombie game, without high quality graphics and using as a view vertices as possible? Only Nelson did. Whenever a zombie game was made, it was like "BE THE TOP QUALITY GAME!" but with Nelson, for god sakes the ground is two colors! Black and Green. So the fact of the matter is, I have no idea for a game idea. I am at a blank, so if you guys want to throw some my way (Maybe a lot if you could) It would mean something to me.

The only requirements I have for the moment is:
-Nothing with Advanced AI's (AI's that can feel emotion and culture and are effected and have mood swings)
-Nothing where you ask me to make "Top of the line graphics" due to the fact that I am not too good in that area.

Those are my only rules, so if you guys have an idea, shoot. But for now all that seems to be happening is me practicing scripts more and advancing my skills, but with no project to use this knowledge on.

Feel free to leave a comment of your game idea. Multiple is always nice!

Monday, February 3, 2014

The new Pages

I decided to create some blog pages to help you guys understand some things about me, and to give you guys more detail on what's going on.

Above the most recent post you will see "Home" "FAQ" "About Me" and "Donate".

Displays the most recent posts, and is the default blog page.

Tells you guys about some Frequently Asked Questions that Iget

About Me:
Gives you guys a little Back-Board behind my life. And who I am.

Allows you guys to choose to help in the game dev process, since I come from a poor family, I can't afford to get the "Top of the line" stuff. But it's never required, and always will be optional!

Later today:
  • Details on my new Android Game, "Flood".
  • Information about my latest Side Project "Installation 01" Which I am working in a group with.
See you guys then! Feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you in the next post!

Sunday, February 2, 2014


As usual the project is being postponed, not for very long however.
The problem is this project will take a while to make, and I kind of need something to release soon. I will not however specify why. Any ways, so with a group of people I am now working on a new project called "Flood" (Not the finished name). Any ways, it's an Android game for now that will probably be released in about 2 months if we can get licensing. It's looking really good so far, won't provide too many details about gameplay however due to legal documents and etc.

But I can give you a screenshot.

Isn't it beautiful? lol.

Any ways, I hope to get this in to the hands of you guys within two months, and in my next post I'll share some more details about the game!

BTW, these are not the finished graphics, these are just for testing.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Update 4 - New Crafting & Title ( 2500 Views :D )

So I just wanted to take the time to thank you guys for supporting me throughout my development process, it means a lot and it has helped me keep going with my projects. Reading comments at all actually helps, because it means people care enough about the project to share their opinion on it. So thanks,

Today I got done a big part of the game "CRAFTING" Woohoo! I finally figured it out ! Currently you can only craft a "Carved Spear" which is a short poorly made carved wooden spear, you use 4 sticks and a rock to make it. It is a really sweet system, and I would post some screenshots, but I want you guys to see it when it's looking a little nicer.

Right now the spear is grey! :3

Also a amazing new thing I came up with, called a title. It's where you give a name to an object ( :O ) Any way, so after about 5 seconds of thinking and suddenly coming up with a title so brilliant, the world nearly destroyed. The game's name is.... "Lonely Awakening : A forgotten tale". I have a pretty good idea on the storyline, but I don't want to give it away, the storyline will be discovered as you play the game (As an optional thing) the game doesn't push you to do any thing, it's completely open world.
(BTW The godzilla storyline was a joke, it's not happening... )

I just wanted to post this early (Really early) because I plan on doing a second update later today.
(I did make a gameplay video, but it was too low quality, can't find a very good free screen recorder.)

Feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you in the next post!

Also, help support the project and check out the Donate page!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Update 3 - Graphics & Rendering

So most of this update was on the Graphics / Rendering part of the game. Making you feel a little more emerged into the game, as well as Optimizing scripts.

Added features:
-An amazing graphic selection system that will allow users with even Low-Brand computers to play the game smoothly.
-Scripts are now optimized to use as few lines as possible which should allow for more frames
-Added changing weather [Overcast and Day] There is no night system yet.

So I have come up with a list of storylines that would go good with the game, so take a vote on your favorite or comment a new one below. http://strawpoll.me/1079970 (You can vote for more than one, select multiple) And stop voting godzilla!

Here are some of the screenshots I took In-Game

With the world on lowest setting during day:

Highest settings during Day:

Highest setting during an Overcast (No rain yet) :

So as you can see the graphics side of things are looking really good, I have also made most of the core features in general Gameplay, and I plan to show off some of it in a Gameplay Video soon.
Feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you in the next post!

Poll Results & More (Update 2)

So, being the way things are it seems as if most people would prefer to have the option of having a MultiPlayer option. Regarding this concept, this means that I will have to upgrade more Anti-Cheat on my end as well as setting up some Hosting Services. Yes there will be the option of picking between MultiPlayer and Single Player, aswell as MultiPlayer options like Password, and adding admins and creating admin powers like Kick, Ban, etc. Also players will be Global. So whatever gear you have on one server will switch to the next, your buildings will remain on the server you built them on however.

How will player interaction be in MultiPlayer?

just like it would be in Single Player between AI's, you will be able to fight them or make peace. It is completely up to the two players. I hope to get Microphone implanted so players can talk to eachother with Voice Communication, as well as creating a text chat.

In regards to the constant open beta, according to you guys there will be one. However the Open Beta I have decided in order to keep the  finished version a mystery, will not contain all the main features of the final version. Though it will contain the core ones.

Also I think we start coming up with a storyline behind the game, post some suggestions on why the hell your character is suddenly on this island.

Feel free to leave a comment, and I'll see you in the next post! (I'll grab some screenshots! :D)

Friday, January 24, 2014

Late Update

It's near 9 PM and it has been a while since the last update. The reason mainly  being is that I was kind of tired of constant scripting, and development so I took a rest and played some games.... Then I got carried away and played A LOT of games...

And my base point is I now have a fresh perspective on how things should work In-Game and I am ready to continue in development

Some things I want to let you guys know about.

The game may or may not be multiplayer, I'll make a poll.

Also responding to the last comment by Robofighter, a constant open beta could indeed give the game more popularity, and increase bug fixs. But if I was to do such a thing, there would be no element of surprise when you played the full version, you would have already seen all the features and I am not too sure it would make the game more interesting, but we will see!

Hope you guys take the time to vote, it will completely impact the game, and I'll see you in the next Update!
Should the game be multiplayer? http://strawpoll.me/1068796

Should there be a constant open beta? http://strawpoll.me/1068797

Remember, the game in the end will cost money so once the open beta was over, you would have to pay. Of course it would be 50% off for all blog followers! :D

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Plan and Answering questions

I am posting this way before I post the second update due to the fact that to put Update 2 and this together would make the post WAY too large, so I decided to cut it in half. Update 2 won't be for a while.

Planned Features:
-To run on a quarter Realtime (6 Hours in real life is 1 day In-Game)
-Cuts will last for 2 In-Game days, so you have to patch them up.
-Cuts can get infected
-As little user-interface as possible to make the player feel emerged in the game
-Future crafting will be in realtime so there will be no menu for crafting. It will simply be pick up a rock, set a long stick across your lap, and start carving with your mouse. (For now crafting is menu)
-Changing weather patterns
-Wave Patterns in the water

(There is also new Blog pages at the top of the page :D)

"Will it save trees getting cut down?" - Robofighter1000
Yes, the whole part of the game is for added realism, so you better watch how many you cut down or you might end up with none! (Planting trees will become a part of the game)

"Will it save te indians liking / disliking you?" - Robofighter1000
Yes, every thing done in the game will be saved, so you when you rejoin you will be right where you left off, I do not plan to have Multiplayer functioning during early updates and even when the alpha is out I do not plan to have the Multiplayer out. Until I get the core featuers of the game created and the general concept, I do not plan to add multiplayer until the game is in a very good state of condition. And even then it will take me a while.

"Will there be rival tribes?" - Robofighter1000
So far the plan is that all the tribes are a connected community since they have been living here so long.

"Why is the rock glowing blue?" - Robofighter1000
It is to show that you can pick it up, I plan to delete this after a few more updates.

Natives will have families, beliefs, culture and religeon. Your invading their land, taking from them, and you wonder why they attack you? Think for a moment "Who is the real monster?" - That's what I want people to think when they play my game. To feel emerged in with it and to wonder about the choices they made.

I wrote a much longer version of this explaining how they act like humans and have families and beliefs but deleted it after I got carried away and wrote 9 paragraphs.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Update 1 - Inventory & Crafting

So today I have been working on when hitting "I" that it draws up your inventory which includes the Equipment slots Head, Chest, and Legs. Then there are 3 weapon slots to the right of that. And in the second tab of that window is a crafting area which allows up to 3 items to be placed at a time in order to craft something. Right now there are no recipes but by tomorrow I should have so you can create a poorly made wooden spear with a rock and large stick.

I also worked on dynamic lighting for the trees and general area, aswell as made different graphic settings for the Standalone. And last but not least, I added a fire to the game, this soon will become a craftable item

Planned crafting:

[Rock] [Stick] [Stick] = Poorly made wooden spear

[Rock] [Rock] [Rock] = Pile of rocks

[Stick] [Stick] [Stick] = Pile of sticks

[Pile of Sticks] [Pile of Rocks] = Campfire

Then you would have to use some sort of flammable material to get the fire lit. We'll see you how it goes! Here's some pictures.

I plan on getting the basic crafting system done tomorrow as well as a few other features.

Added features:
-You can now fully break your leg (originally it just decreased speed) but now it makes so you cannot jump or run.
-You stop bleeding at one point (Originally you just infinitely bleed until death)
-Other secrets that I won't give away.

"Will there be seasons?" - Robofighter1000
-I plan on adding seasons that change over time, yes. I also plan on adding dying / growing plants, animals to hunt / catch, and moving waves that change depending on time of day and weather.

"How do you get wood?" - Robofighter1000
-You will generally find sticks lying around the forest that you can pickup, and that will be as basic as it gets. Once your later into the game you will be creating your first axe and be able to chop down trees (Not in game yet)

"Will you start fire with flint or something?" - Robofighter1000
-I am not sure how fires will be created quite yet but I do know that it will be something simple and old like banging rocks together, or rubbing sticks. The game will have a lot of player animations and a full body scale, this will allow lots of realism to be added!

"ADD INDIANS!" - Anonymous
-Actually I already planned to add natives to the game, it will give a sense of feel for the game, I also plan to make them have feelings, so unlike most games they will not be stupid. They will change depending on how you effect the area, if you cut down their trees, they'll be pissed. If you kill their friends, they'll hunt you down. If you give them supplies, they will help you. Of course this is a long ways away but planned to be added!

Feel free to leave a comment and I'll see you in the next post!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Let's take a look

So the new Sandbox game is looking fantastic. It's graphics are quite amazing and the animations are just beautiful. I have GUI's drawn up, scripts created, and just about most of the basic game concept created. Let me show you,

Current Game Features:
-A full movement system
-A leg system where you can take fall damage and break your leg
-Bleeding system
-Health system of course
-Stamina system
-Fully drawn GUI's
-Hunger / Thirst decrease
-Stamina rises over time
-Character is able to swim fluidly
-Amazing fog system!

Let's take a look at some of the In-Game Screenshots!

A few things you may not have noticed:
-At one point my blood goes down, this is due to the fact I jumped off of a really high hill
-You will see a big difference in my hunger / thirst from island 1 to island 2. This is because, let's just say, It was a long swim..

Let me know what you guys think about the game and keep me posted!

"So it will be like MineCraft just realistic not pixely"?
-Well with that kind of logic, I guess that makes every survival game like MineCraft. But in a sense, yes I guess so. And not only will the graphics be more realistic but I will give a sense of realism through concept such as the fact that you can't cut a tree down with your bare hands -_- .

Feel free to leave a Comment and I'll see you guys in the Next post!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

On and off

So I know that I have been starting but not finishing a lot of projects on this blog. But I just wanted to let you guys know why. It's for the experience, All this that I am doing is helping me become a better scripter, coder, and game designer overall. And, as I said it's for the experience!

So my latest project is a simple Survival game, your set in the middle of the woods, and there is no objective to the game besides to survive. That simple. You have to hunt, make shelter, and survive harsh winters and brutal summers. So far I have the scripts made up for your characters health and general stats. Movement is good, and I have a single island made so far. Working on the inventory script right now actually. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you guys in the next post!
Feel free to leave a comment!

Friday, January 17, 2014

A new Sandbox

So basically now that "The Bafin Analogy" is allowing me to just put all my ideas into randomness, I can focus on other things. Of course I will mostly be working on "The Bafin Analogy" I have some side projects I wish to work on at the same time. One is a simple sandbox project. I will be making kind of like a mini minecraft creative mode. This will be a great opportunity for me to test how Networking works and creating Admin Commands, things like that. So maybe you guys will join me when its done, eh? Hope to see you at the next update!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Bafin Analogy Dev Blog

I have created the Bafin Analogy's official development blog and made the first post showing what graphics are going to be like and answering the questions bubbling up inside of you.

Check it out here: http://tbadev.blogspot.com/

Monday, January 13, 2014

The Bafin Analogy

So a project I am set on creating is called "The Bafin Analogy" The name came in a quite odd way. Over skype share screen I used paint and drew random stuff and my friend guessed what it was

Drawing A:
Lolipop deathstar (His Guess)

Drawing B:
A monster (His Guess

Drawing C:
A hand (His Guess)

Drawing D
the letters TBA (His Guess)
Which I turned into "The Bafin Analogy"
And then I did this

The plot twist of the story is that you get attacked by a lolipop deathstar

A monster emerges from it

C: The only part of your body you can't see in a mirror, is your hands.

So my game is basically going to be like "The Stanley parable" very random, first person narration based exploration game with a thousand different ways to end the game. Google it sometime, it's pretty hilarious. Hope to see you guys at it's release. And here's a sneak peak

I recorded my voice using Audacity then edited it to change pitch, frequency. create echos, reduce and increase temp, etc.

And I create d the ultimate introduction I am only going to share with you the starting 2 audios of the game for the narrating voice in your head.

YouTube Audio Sneakpeak: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RMlEwLnrIu4&feature=youtu.be

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Alone World Blog

So the alone world game is going to have its own blog now that its my primary game. This blog will be used to maybe post a few updates about and it and a lot of side stuff.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Back on track!

I know this project has been really on and off and I feel bad that I stopped development on it
(yes I am talking about Alone World :: The Outbreak). This is the second time I stopped development, and now again the second time  I want to continue development. But I don't know where to start.

(Sorry but it might be like this due to my depression. Makes me sometimes feel like my project is no good, but once it goes away, I feel strong again).

Any ways, I hope to start doing regular updates on the game again,

The ceurrent open beta is no longer just an open beta. I am going to start programming a website and the official game will be up. With constant updates and more! I hope to see you guys there at the release, and I hope to get so your guys's data saves! :D

Really exited to be working on the project again and I hope you guys are exited too!
(Let me know my blog views aren't all from bots, and that you guys are still here by leaving some comments. Remember, that every game designer feels that people are playing his / her game when he actually gets feedback from them! )

Monday, January 6, 2014

So I have some news

I have been at my dad's all weekend long, and even today I am at my dads (This means I can only use his laptop) which is not exactly the 'best' top of hte line (It has 1.5GB of RAM) o.O i thought my computer was low with 4.

Any ways, I just wanted to let you guys know that I have been working on a little of test scripts and I think I have almost all the game scripts figured out (Just need to make the models with my actual computer)

Here are the scripts I made up for you guys:

-A skill that increases percentage to find magical items

-A brand new melee script

-No longer am I going to be working with raycast shooting since you will be using bow & arrows so I made up a short prefab shooting script.

-I fixed all the bugs in the inventory / pickup system.

-Designed the complete storyline (Not gonna give it away! :3 )

-An advanced movement script so I am not using unity's default

-A map (I painted you an example with "paint" lol. Any ways, it's not going to look exactly like this... not even close but its an idea of how it works
(It shows areas you explored and where the game limits are and etc.)

Where the white cuts off is where you have seen but haven't explored.
Yellow circle is you
Orange squares are exit / entrances you have discovered.

Here is how it works:

-And a lot more...

What needs to be made:

-Better camera script (I need to figure out how they do theirs so... Perfectly, xD )

-The Models

See thats all I need to do! It's an old Ps2 game, so It was not exactly "hard" to figure out how they did a lot of different things. I do not BTW mean to say that I am copying Champions of Norrath, I just mean to say that I am continuing its game genre type to future gamers. Who knows, maybe this type of genre might become the next big thing? Side by side those 1000000000 zombie games, xD.

So I hope you guys can stick by me with this one. I have really high hopes for it, and I hope you guys don't yell at me for giving up on my last project! Pwease forgive me ;(

And thanks for reading!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Champions of Norrath, for ps3?

So, after a depressing few days, an idea hit me. What did I play all the time when Ps2 first came out? I played Champions of Norrath! It's an amazing old fashioned RPG game that I really loved and I have decided that is my next progress. To make the new Champions of Norrath! For ps3! And maybe in the future ps4... Google it sometime,

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I'm lost...

            Now recently I have been really depressed, and I do understand things such as Unturned had a small fan base to start, and things like this. But there is one problem that I am not able to do and something that I didn't do in the past. I was unable to plan the game out first! Unturned had the plan, they knew FPS, Zombie Survival, crafting, vehicles, different weapons. Boom. What did I do? I said I'll make an FPS survival, let's get started! What did it turn in to? Sure, a great looking map with secrets. But glitchy enemies, little content, and I hadn't even decided what the enemies were until the day before open beta! So.... I really want to be a game developer / designer. But I need to plan out some good game ideas FIRST. So unless you guys have any ideas that have been building up inside you. And that you have thought out, I think my game development days are over... A game developer without a game to development is just a person taking up room. Again, I'm just really depressed. And to those of you who would suggest it, No. I am not going to continue on "Alone World :: The Outbreak". The website will remain up for any one to play. So again, if you got any great ideas, feel free to speak your mind. Otherwise, I'm signing out.