Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Lets take a review

So I decided to look at my past recordings that I saved on my computer to see how my game has progressed so far. And it's quite amazing. I took some screenshots and I wanted to share it with you. So enjoy!


This is when I first started making the game, teribble graphics...


I finally got to working on houses and added a road model


Added a skyscraper


Added an inventory system with pickup models and different item types

12/6/13 (Patch 6)

Added first trees and textures to the game, also created a fire station.

12/7/13 (Patch 7)

This was a day to be proud of, added lots of foliage to the game, aswell as textured the fire station. A lot of work, and it came out great!

12/8/13 (Patch 8)

This was a mystery patch, added quite a lot of stuff that I didn't share what I added with anyone, didn't even write a log. Honestly, I can't even remember too much of what I added... I had added a whole with smoke rising from it, and a bunch of other stuff. I had also deleted the road model and made so the road was a texture instead.

11/19/13 (Patch 9)

Odd how each patch just happens to be on a date with a patch number somewhere in there... Weird... Any ways, this patch was big as it introduced realistic guns and better gun sparking. Along with working bandit scripts, and better general gameplay. Also most glitches were fixed in this patch.

11/24/13 (Pre patch screenshots)

So if I was to wrap patches together the work I have done between patch 9 and 10 was worth 3 large patches in updates. And to be honest it's amazing how much I acomplished. My computer had crashed one day and I had lost 5 hours of work. Odd enough I wasn't discourged, but in fact I became motivated to do things better. And it became better than I could have ever imagined, I made road models larger, sidewalk models better. Recreated some terrain areas, edited foliage, and added A LOT of content to the game. I am really exited for the Open Beta, I can hardly wait myself. So I can only imagine how you guys must feel!

Can't wait to see you guys in the Open Beta!

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  1. Really makes me happy to see how the game has progressed