Monday, December 30, 2013

A little too little, a little too late...

I feel as if I did too little, and too late for my game to become of any significance. So I don't know if I will continue development, It's just so depressing when I open up the beta and in the first day get only 5 people. So, I don't know what I'm going to do any more. I'll keep these game files yes, but I am stopping development dead in the tracks here, the website will be up for ppl who want to play that. If you have any suggestions on games that could be made, that'd be great. Otherwise I think I'm going to just practice scripting for hours without any thing to create.... My own family wants to play Unturned over my own game... So good bye bloggers, see you in the next game I make, if I ever make one... Post suggestions! and Bye ;(

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Unity Help Zone

So over the next few days I will be working in two different areas.

So I have been experiencing a LOT of problems in unity, and it seems that a lot of other people had similar problems, and that Google was no help. So I have decided that I want to help Unity Users, and thus I am creating the brand new "Unity Help Zone" . It's where I will be making tutorials, assets, and live support for unity users who want to help get their game on track. I'll be doing this as well as constant updates on the game, keep you guys posted and happy unity!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

The 7 Day Open Beta

            Welcome all to the official 7 day Open Beta! I am really exited for all of you who will be participating in it, I have spent a lot of time getting ready for this, and I hope you enjoy! (REMEMBER: You can post suggestions, bugs, and things like this as I can always update the game at any time throughout the 7 day beta.)

Website may go down for up to 1 minute a few times due to maintence. Please be patient!



Trailer coming soon!
I would really appreciate user-made trailers you guys! Enjoy the Beta
(BTW The ak47 is semi auto)

You can now pick up the ak47's again

Reported / Known Bugs:
Guns have infinite ammo (Blake Gillman)
Lake in Mountain has no collision (Blake GIllman)
Respawning keeps the menu (Death_is_Mad)
No new loot spawns (Robofighter1000)

"What's with the lack of loot?"
Well the answer is simple, the apocalypse has been going on a while. Don't you think that maybe these areas have probably been looted over a thousand times?

Friday, December 27, 2013

The Biggest Update EVER

So I have been playing a lot of games the past few hours, and I decided on something. What makes a survival game good? What makes people want to keep on playing? Well the answer is clearer than I thought.

"Constant Danger"

It's something that almost all games have now
It's what makes people want to keep on playing that game, because they know that they always have to be on the lookout.

          So continuing in the field of an population apocalypse, I decided that now that most humans are gone, a lot of strange creatures have started to appear. Like in Fallout. Since humans are gone, the creatures they were "Experimenting" on have broken out of their labs and over the course of the years have begun to mate with each other. This causes mutant-like creatures to be formed. And thus, this will become another primary source of danger in my game.

-Sword in the stone
-Orc Cave (maybe)

Any suggestions on new easter eggs and etc, please leave in comments and I will see you guys tomorrow for the official OPEN BETA! :D

It's coming

Tomorrow (12/28/13) is the start of the big 7 Day Open Beta!!!! And to kick it off I been doing updates like crazy. Now that the 1 day open beta is over, it's safe to tell you guys that, that wasn't the updated version of my game. The version you guys played was Patch 9.2 . I am currently working on Patch 9.986 (lol) any ways, I won't call it Patch 10 until the 7 day open beta tomorrow. But I'm so exited that (even though my brain told me not to) I have decided to release some sneak peak screenshots. Hope you enjoy! (BTW it's 4:26 AM for me right now... I got carried away with updates, I will now go crash HARD in bed and see you guys in the morning! Also as a little side contest, whoever can guess the scene in the screenshot first wins some custom In-Game content, as well as some tips and tricks from myself. And maybe even some secret locations.

Screenshot A:

Screenshot B:

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Open Beta Report

So the one day open beta was pretty good, the website is down now of course as it was a short one day developer one. But I think it went very well. Some glitches and concerns are being taken into consideration from email and comments.

Let me cover a few

"What are the controls?"
They will be displayed at bottom of website each run

"I cant respawn!"
That is because the respawn feature disables in developer mode, this way even after death, I can still test out features (In case I tried getting somewhere and was killed) I don't want to have to delete bandits!

"I have infinite ammo"
Developer version

"My hunger and thirst dont go down"
Again, developer version...

"There is no loot in the buildings! Only in street"

"I can't get in the truck"
Its under testing

"I found a helicopter at *** ****** ********!!!!!"
That's great, don't tell anyone where it is just yet!

"How come there's a minimap?"
Its for development testing

Remember guys DEVELOPER VERSION this means that features will be different in these runs that I will do throughout the course of this game dev. When the open beta comes on 12/28/13, it will not be developer version, but the full gameplay experience. So enjoy!

Things that weren't there before but are coming:
+In developer version you went under water, I fixed that, you now swim
+There is working deer now
+Bandits drop their stuff on death now
+A lot more stuff but I don't want to ruin any thing
+More than 1 respawn point

Also guys it's about that time in my development where I want my game to be known. So it would be great if you could tell people about my game, so maybe I could get a little publicity! Thanks guys.

Open Beta Closed

The 1 day open beta is now closed, Remember that this was a developer beta test, therefore loot would not spawn any where, and only tested models were spawned in. Thanks for playing the beta, and I'll see you guys in the full one 12/28/13. Ak is semi-auto and Controls were on website, website is now down for maintence until release date.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

ONE DAY ONLY Open Beta Development

This is the developers version so a lot of test models are still in the road, scripts are disabled, and I have a minimap enabled so developers can see the area around them. But I decided I might let you guys play it if your not opening presents, and play a little developer open beta? Leave comments on bugs and things like that, opinions and etc.


Open Beta ends 1:30 PM (Eastern time U.S & Canada)
I am headed to bed soom its 12:23 midnight for me, Merry christmas guys!

==========Bugs known of==========
In this open beta loot will not spawn
Truck in middle of road is test model same with deer, they do nothing
Hostile AI's can attack you through walls

==========Reported Bugs==========
(Report found bugs and glitches in the comments)

The Official Open Beta Release Date

Alright so I have pretty much optimized the game, and I think it's ready for Open Beta as it is. But it's always good to take some time and find glitches you did not see before.

So I happy to announce the Open Beta release date:


The official Alone World Release Date
Check out the Bondo Games Website HERE.
Check out the Alone World Info page HERE.

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Lets take a review

So I decided to look at my past recordings that I saved on my computer to see how my game has progressed so far. And it's quite amazing. I took some screenshots and I wanted to share it with you. So enjoy!


This is when I first started making the game, teribble graphics...


I finally got to working on houses and added a road model


Added a skyscraper


Added an inventory system with pickup models and different item types

12/6/13 (Patch 6)

Added first trees and textures to the game, also created a fire station.

12/7/13 (Patch 7)

This was a day to be proud of, added lots of foliage to the game, aswell as textured the fire station. A lot of work, and it came out great!

12/8/13 (Patch 8)

This was a mystery patch, added quite a lot of stuff that I didn't share what I added with anyone, didn't even write a log. Honestly, I can't even remember too much of what I added... I had added a whole with smoke rising from it, and a bunch of other stuff. I had also deleted the road model and made so the road was a texture instead.

11/19/13 (Patch 9)

Odd how each patch just happens to be on a date with a patch number somewhere in there... Weird... Any ways, this patch was big as it introduced realistic guns and better gun sparking. Along with working bandit scripts, and better general gameplay. Also most glitches were fixed in this patch.

11/24/13 (Pre patch screenshots)

So if I was to wrap patches together the work I have done between patch 9 and 10 was worth 3 large patches in updates. And to be honest it's amazing how much I acomplished. My computer had crashed one day and I had lost 5 hours of work. Odd enough I wasn't discourged, but in fact I became motivated to do things better. And it became better than I could have ever imagined, I made road models larger, sidewalk models better. Recreated some terrain areas, edited foliage, and added A LOT of content to the game. I am really exited for the Open Beta, I can hardly wait myself. So I can only imagine how you guys must feel!

Can't wait to see you guys in the Open Beta!

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Pre Patch Screenshots

Enjoy some early screenshots.

Also the blog theme is changed to give the blog a more cozy feel.

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Monday, December 23, 2013

Oh Noes!

So just as I am about to save (and I mean this literally) Unity stops responding. I have done so much work, and sadly did not save often. I would (if this crashes) lose 5 hours or so of work. So... Please unity, don't crash, hope for me k? Cause if this does crash, I will probably get pretty bummed as I am not so motivated right now to work. And those 5 hours could stretch in to a couple of days if I had to redo it.

Open Beta Plans

Well with the new unturned update I have no doubt in my mind that if I put open beta up that I would get a few people to play it then move straight to Unturned. So I am not going to release the open beta today (Like i had planned in my head). Enjoy the unturned updates, and I will see you with the open beta sometime in the next week. Maybe when this new unturned update gets a little boring to people.

Patch 9.7

Patch 9.7 12/23/13 (1:32 AM) -_-

So it is really late at night and I Just got back from a christmas part. Was really exited about my game so I almost immediatly made a dev video (Which u can view the dev videos by going to my profile and clicking past broadcasts) any ways, I decided to do a little updating. So the game now has hands and arms, the only problem now is getting the animations to play as I am new to that field of unity. Now, switching back to Alone World, I added audio to the Ak47 so you can hear gun shots from a distance. Also I made so the environment audio looped itself, instead of stopping after a little bit. I also did some other really big stuff that you guys will see in the Open Beta. REALLY EXITED FOR IT! :D

"When will the Open Beta be up?"
To be honest, I have no idea. I know for a fact it will be up in the next week, but the day in which it is up? I am not sure. The reason being is that this game is in really early alpha, and I started this blog a little too early in development. Any ways, sometime in the next 7 days is as good of an answer as I can give you.

"I missed the development video! D;"
You can access all my past broadcasts by going directly to my twitch profile and clicking past broadcasts. Or click this.

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I just want to take a moment to tell you guys how really helpful you have been. When I see that comment on a page, no matter what it says, just knowing that people comments let me know that people are actually looking at the blog, that it's not just a person surfing through the blog pages. That this is someone, that cares about what I do. And to be honest, I would have stopped making this game a while ago had I not gotten any views or comments. And I really just want to thank you guys for your support. As I have been making models and scripts for years but never got the courage to try and make a game, it felt too far away, too impossible. But now I know that I can, and just... I really  want to thank you guys!

My inspiration:
Greg Stevens & all my blog followers

Sunday, December 22, 2013

A few things

So the new development is actually going really good, I haven't worked on it since last video since I know you guys will want to watch the dev as it happens. But I do think that a lot of what I build in this new version will be imported into the old one. And I can assure you that the Open Beta will also be lasting a whole week.
Development Happening on twitch now:

A few things though:
The loot may have to be specefic and not generated as I am trying my hardest to create a loot generation script, and here's how it goes. It picks a number, then that number is assigned to a model. It spawns that model in, that's how I want it. Here's the problem. I am having trouble assigning the model to spawn at the empty, without having to recreate the cordinates for each empty I place. So, we will see how things go.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Game Development Twitch

Going to be doing a live broadcast on some game development, I am going to try and recreate "Alone World" if what I make turns out good, I will start updating this instead. We shall see how it goes!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Patch 9.2

So after long hours of scripting I almost am ready for Open Beta.

There is only a few things left to do, some bugs to fix, and some models to add. I'll fill you in on a little

-If you aim down, you can shoot yourself. (WILL NOT BE FIXED IN OPEN BETA)
-When shooting somewhere, sparks fly out no matter what it is, road, grass, building, even enemies.
-Pick up GUI remains on-screen after picking up an object
-Picked up objects spawn above your head, instead of across your back like I intended.

Things fixed/added:
-Bandit scripts
-Ak-47 Model
-Gun Scripts
-Updated Player Scripts
-Better FPS control
-2x less foliage to ensure bad computers will not have lag

Things that need to get done:
-Save system, so you don't have to restart every time you rejoin the game
-Player model
-Bandit model

I have been so busy recreating scripts and such that I have completely ignored texturing. I haven't Re-Textured any of the buildings besides the Fire Station. And to be honest, I don't know if I will before the open beta. It's a lot of work, and I need to improve the gameplay aspects of the game before I work on graphics.

Patch Screenshot:

About me

So I have decided to make a post explaining a few things about myself so you can get to know me better,

Name: Blake A. Gillman (B.A.G)
Age: 13

So I was born with large cataracts and had to get 4 surgeries when I was a baby
I learned how to speak, walk, and etc earlier than most other babies.
I had an unusually high IQ.

I was constantly getting hurt, went to the E.R a lot
First introduced to computers, played a Shrek game

Again still went to the E.R alot....
I was abused by my teachers a lot, and started to form a depressed state, my parents thought it was some sort of attention thing as I was the middle child of 3 siblings
I became fascinated in this Shrek game, and soon discovered a website called "ROBLOX", first playing it, it was nothing but community games that involved chatting with others. I invented the first GUI and was famous fairly fast. (Username: kriller509)

By the time my parents realized I had depression, there wasn't too much they could do, it had gotten to the point where I thought of suicide constantly, I had no friends in school, constantly bullied, and the teachers abused me themselves (Physically and Emotionally)
[I created around 100 games between the age of 10-12]
Mostly on ROBLOX.
Around 12 I was diagnosed with ADHD, OCD, and Deep Depression. I was placed on medication

Teen (Current):
I am no longer as depressed thanks to the medication
My ADHD has gone down significantly
I no longer play ROBLOX
I know HTML, CSS, JavaScript, LUA, VB.Net, Batch(lol) and I do visual effects, graphical design, content management, content creation, web editing / developer / designer. I have done music production, 3D animator, and to be honest the list goes on. I have done a lot in the past 3 years mostly, and I am really proud of it.

I just want to thank the people reading this. As you guys, just by leaving a comment let me know that my blog views aren't just people scrolling through the search engine list for games, that people care about what I do. And it makes me really happy to see those comments! So thanks for following my blog, and I will see you at the Alone World Open Beta!

Other Info:
House was foreclosed on (Now living in trailer)
Very poor
Good computer
I like riding bike, snowboarding, reading, programming, etc.

Thanks for reading my friends!

Personal Portfolio:

New Game: Cookie Clicker 3

So in my spare time the past few days I have been working on a liittle side project called "Cookie Clicker 3" its a remake of the original two cookie clickers. Any ways, I had to code a complete website and now that I finally did that, I feel confident that you guys will like it. It's of course in Pre-Pre-Pre alpha but I think its ready for open beta. Current website version is 0.46 and I am working on right now 0.49 so there is a difference in what I am creating now compared to what is on the website, when most of the bugs are fixed up I will post the newest on the website. You can though play the open beta to this game by clicking here . Feel free to leave comments about it and your opinions on how it looks, etc.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Can you hear me?

Gameplay has been rather dull recently and it took me a while to figure it out but I realized what makes every game good is the Audio. Audio is what lets players know when a gun shot is being fired, when an enemy is nearby, etc. And I have been developing this game for too long without any form of Audio Source. So therefore I will be adding a lot of different Audio types / frequencies to the game. So far on starting, you will hear general outdoor noises that will replay in a loop until night comes. Which at this point you will get the same thing, only night noises. Opening inventory now makes a little backpack noise and I plan on working on a walking script. If any one knows how to do that, feel free to help me out. So far it is just going to be if Walking is true, and on a certain surface tag, then play audio in a loop. Not quire sure how else I would do it. Any ways, hoping to make the game more exiting for you guys. So far I have fixed the road texture again, and I decided to decrease foliage amount for those with a bad computer. I am currently working on a main menu (AGAIN). And a HUD. Then I will be implementing the Bandits and player models. And finally I will be making an options menu for decreasing graphics or increasing. Hope to get Patch 10 up soon, and let open beta begin. As for extended beta testing, I decided that 3 days was a little short. So here's the deal. If I hit 1500 Blog Views by Christmas, I will extend the beta test to a full 7 days. And in which time with constant updates to enjoy.

This is a top priority and I am sorry that I did not get it done sooner
This is something I did not think about, is the fact that when playing game and coming back, every thing resets. I need to create some sort of local saving system and soon. I am sorry to those who clear their cache and get loot erased. But this will be just for the Beta Test. As I have decided that my game will be run with a launcher. (Sorry to those out there with a bad computer) but web browser based games are far too easy to hack. And also by using a Launcher I can make so the game requires internet, therefore scripts will be able to run to check if any "Illegal" programs are open.

Anti-Cheat Script will not allow you to have the following programs running:
Cheat Engine
Any thing with the keyword "DDoS"

These programs will be automatically detected when running the launcher. and the launcher will give you a message asking for them to be closed, the launcher will not run until they are. Thanks for staying with the updates guys.
Also I am hitting that point where I need Unity Pro to do stuff. So I am hoping to get a little more cash to afford to for a few months. Which for those of you who are now following me and haven't been since the start. I am 13 years old, so I cannot get a job. Thanks for reading!

Personal Portfolio:

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Saturday, December 14, 2013

How its going

Really exited for update 10, the open beta and all that stuff. I real quick wanted to explain a few things and reply to a comment.

As well as 2 other replies to this comment, first off all 3 of those comments came from the same IP so it was the same person. Second this game is fairly new and only has been in creation for about 2 weeks. Third there are no "memberships" so there is no entitled gameplay. And finally, if you think this is a copy of unturned, you are sorely mistaken. I should not even have to explain why.

**********Update 10 Details**********
+Remodeled beans
The gun script / damage script has broken somehow, so that might postpone the open beta.
My computer had a crash and reset every thing back to update 8, so only one building is textured again, and I lost quite a lot of progress, I will be doing major programming / modeling over this week trying to make up for this.
**********Things that god reset*********
Gun Models
Building Textures
Road / Sidewalk Textures
Gun / Weapon Scripts
Every thing about bandits (Model, scripts, etc)
Player Model
So I hope to get those things remade, sorry for the delay guys!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Patch 9

Patch 9 12/12/13 "Remodeling the world"

In this patch I have spent a long time remodeling the entire game. Since I am moving out of Pre-Alpha and heading in to normal Alpha. I  think it is time I put away those old models, and create some new realistic ones. In patch 7 the only textured building was the Fire Station. But as of this update, all buildings are being Textured, current item models such as Guns, Food / Drink, etc are being deleted and remade with a more realistic feel to them. The game is getting a complete turn around. Bandits are being put in to the game right now (Just got to get all the scripts to not spaz out :3) and I hope to get those done soon. Still working on that  loot generating script, a lot of errors and such. Worked for 2 days on nothing but the script, because I want it to be the best one ever created! And I saved the best update for last.
Update 10
Update 10 is
Update 10 is co
Update 10 is comi
Update 10 is comin
Update 10 is coming
Update 10 is coming and coming in fast, and it's the moment you have all been waiting for.

********************ALONE WORLD OPEN BETA********************
You heard it correctly, the update 10 is going to be the release of Open Beta. The game's single player beta tests will be released for Web Browser. So get ready to play the game that you've been following in "Alone World :: The Outbreak Open Beta".

Alone World :: The Outbreak
By Blake Gillman, CEO of Bondo Games
"Alone world is an FPS action game taking place in the first 'Population apocalypse' simulator game."
Update 9 Details:
+Added building textures
+Recreated mesh models
+Reinvented gun scripts
+Fixed No collide trees
+Fixed No collide buildings
+Fixed stairs glitch with 2 story building (It was impossible to get down once you were up)
+Fixed Multiple Wind Zones glitch
-Deleted juice and chips model
+Added Beans Model
+Added Soup Model
+Road textures are much smoother now
+Multiple road paths
+Mountain tops have snow
+Working on In-Game HUD

Get ready for the biggest Beta Test yet! You will be playing on a SinglePlayer server, starting in a randomly set area with no gear. The beta test will be open for 3 days to any one.

"When will the beta test be open"
At a surprise time in the next 2 weeks.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Side Project: Car Simulator

I noticed recently in a certain lack of car games. Not ones like Burnout, the ones in GTA, or Need for speed. I want to make a car simulator that is both realistic and cheesy. Where you are in a car, and you can do whatever you want, but again its cheesy about it. Like say you crash really hard in to the wall. Your hood flies off, and your car basically falls apart. I think it would be a fun project to make, and a fun side-game for people to play. What do you guys think?
Also I have big planned update for Alone World, so stay tuned for the update!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Alright, so I am really tired, and I have been working really hard on this game as of recently. So I am going to take a break for a little bit, I have been doing some minor updates here and there but until they are large enough to make a post on, I won't share any. So far it has mostly been bugs / glitches my Alpha Testers have found. Any way, also i have to come to a few decisions and fairly quickly. So it would help if you guys would give your opinion. Just post in comments your answer.

1) Should this game cost money? (If it does, current blog followers would get a free copy)
2) Should this game be based on a Web Browser, or a Standalone (Working on a launcher)
3) What needs to be worked on next? (Guns, HUD, Enemies, Landscape, etc)
Just put your answers in the comments, it would really help. Thanks!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Patch 8

Patch 8 12/8/13

So my Alpha Testers noticed something that I didn't. Apparently when standing on top of the Fire Station and looking toward the forest, there is a "Fire like" light. But when you approach it, it becomes invisible. Trying to figure out what it is.... Any ways, I also did some updates on the textures, which by the way I deleted the roads. I decided that it would look much better if I used a texture instead. SO I took a picture of conrete, hue'd it. Then painted yellow on to it. And I had a road, then I hue'd a sidewalk in to the game. So that is looking really good. Also I show you guys a closer look at what that "Brown thing" is. So as you can tell I really didn't do much this update. But I plan on getting new weapons made up since the old ones were for testing. And give them realistic textures. Hopefully I can get a more realistic feel for the game.

That "Fire Like" thing.

That Brown Smudge at a closer look. (I don't wanna give it away, but no it is not the shadow of a cloud.)

The new Road / Sidewalk textures

"The grass looks great is it a little laggy and what fps is it running on?"
I don't know how your computers will handle the grass, and I may have to change it accordingly, but I can walk in to the middle of the forest, around the meadow, and just about anywhere I go, I will get the max FPS my computer could handle. Let me put it this way, I have never had to use the word "lagg" when testing my game. Nor have my alpha testers as all the foliage is generated in 2D, except for trees which are 3D up close and 2D at a distance. Which allows the game to get the max FPS.

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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Patch 7

Patch 7 12/7/13 "The Secrets"

This is a secret update, I have done more to the game than almost any of my previous updates, but here's the fun part. Every thing I have done is a secret. I only will release three pictures. From there you will have to figure out the rest.

"I currently can't download the game due to lack of space but it looks great!"
There currently is no download for this game, the one you may be referring to is for a side project called "Lost".

"Will you get xp for equipment from killing a human or animal and will there be expansions on the map such as other small towns or a run down old military base with bandits in it?"
Currently there will not be an Experience system since this is a survival not an RPG. Second, there will be probably about 6 different types of bandits, 4 different type of survivors. And depending on their type, they will drop certain equipment. Now animal wise, I plan to add deer soon, which will drop raw meat. And last, the game is in VERY pre-alpha and all content is subject to change. So yes, there will be plenty of map expansions, and that includes military areas. Occupied by military, survivors, and bandits.

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Friday, December 6, 2013

Patch 6

Patch 6 12/6/13
Well you guys have been restless but here it is, the big patch 6. I hope you enjoy it! It was mostly work on the Graphical side of things, as well as improving scripts. Enjoy the screenshots.

(These are all In-Game Screenshots, HUD Removed)

The Dynamic tree

A view out of the main city sky scraper window (2nd floor)

A section of the main city (Under dev still)

A mountain terrain

And, my person favorite
The Forest
The trees are setup very cool, they become 3D when nearby, but to not render
every thing and to reduce lagg, when far away they are 2D.

"Is it going to be survival against nature and animals or are there going to be zombies?"
The concept of the game is to focus more around environment and players, not so much the AI Enemies themselves. So survival against nature and animals, yes. Survival against players, depends on if the player is friendly or not. Zombies? No, I said in an earlier post and I stand by it, The zombie apocalypse era of gaming is decreasing. Within the next few years, all zombie games will no longer have such popularity. Some new genre will strike the interest in generations of gaming. In my case I choose to do population, therefore since it is a 124 years after the nuke, the AI's you will be versing are Creatures that have mutated into large, dangerous creatures. You will also be faced with Human AI's that act as military, bandits, or citizens.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Big One

Alright so as far as I can tell you guys want me to keep working on Alone World.
(1 Blog Comment, 36 Email messages)

So I guess I will continue working on it, Only this is the "Bondo Games" blog, therefore it will have updates about all the games I am making. I may make a seperate blog just for alone world, but I am not sure. We will see. So I will now try to make up for my mistake of ever thinking about stopping development, and postpone the "Compression patch", because....

Alone World :: The outbreak, by Bondo Games
Created, Developed & Produced by Blake Gillman

            Entire families have murdered each other in their sleep. Men are killed on sight, friendly or not. Friends are of the past, as any one still alive is alone, or in a group. No one considers each other "Friends" nor "Family". All the world's countries have been ripped apart. No civilization is remaining. This is the world Humanity has given birth to by the year 2204. It started in 2080 when earth's population hit 33 Billion. Resources were already running low, and with the rapid growth, things were only going to get worse. It wasn't long at all before countries began fighting over land, nations ripped apart, and families to put to death. This resource shortage was the very beginning of an all out World War III. By the time people realized the significance it was entirely too late. This apocalyptic situation grew even worse when North Korea nuked South Korea. Leading to a Nuclear War, the result was catastrophic. Nearly 96% of the world's population has been killed off.

            It has been 124 years since the start of the war, and the radiation has mostly cleared. Cities are covered in moth and vines, and there is no sign of a city ever being rebuilt again. The world's wildlife has begun to grow back, but man no longer is as advanced as it was. And there were few survivors that could remember a time before the war. Technology has been mostly erased, leaving behind the remaining survivors to have only the skills to survive. It has become a world of Predator, and pray. This is where you step in.

I was up all night writing the story line. I decided to go with a population apocalypse. Not what you expected by "Population" apocalypse, huh? Any ways, I hope to get the Standalone for singleplayer released as soon as possible, with all the updates to come and such I am not sure when the standalone will be released. But I am hoping soon, When first released it will not support Multiplayer, and there will probably be quite a few glitches you guys find, but have hope because I will be updating often, and taking this game far.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Development Stop

Sorry every one, but I am sorry to say that the Development for Alone world has been cut. No longer are there going to be updates for it, and this blog is going to be deleted.


It's not what you think, this does not mean that this game will not exist, currently I will be working with a Game Director to create a more advanced game, something better, and more unique. So do not worry as development will still continue, only on a new game. The link to the new game will be posted on this blog when we have a blog created for it. This blog will not be deleted until then, and after the link is posted this blog will remain up for a week to make sure people know. So please standby for the new link, and I am sorry for the inconvenience. But I will be working with professionals so you can expect a much better game than what I was creating here.

To all my followers:
Send an email to saying what ever you want, just make sure in the message you mention that you were a Bondo Games follower. By doing this, when the new game I am making is released you will receive a free copy, with an upgraded package, so you'll have an advantage before any one else. (Probably will include rare gear / weapons ) and some other secret stuff.

Thanks for staying with me, and agian sorry for the inconvenience, and again don't think this is the end of development. As I will post the link to a new dev blog here, then leave this blog up for a week after the link is posted (This weekend is when the main updates for this new game will happen) so probably expect the new link around Sunday or Monday.

Remember to send me an email BTW, thanks guys for supporting me through this, it has been a real inspiration knowing that there are people that actually care about the work I do!

Compressed patch

So I have been working with JavaScript and modeling and such and it is looking really good, I sat down and I typed out the update, but the funny thing is. I sat there for about ten minutes with my mouse over the Publish button. And I realized, the reason I am getting so little followers is because I am doing so little. So I have decided I will put a bunch of updates all in to one big update, i will call this the "Compressed patch", It will include screenshots, a development video, and a mess load of updates. Here's a sneak peak

Compressed Patch (Patch 6) 12/7/13
+Completed the loot generation script
+Added the two story house model
+Finished first city

Remember that is only a portion of the updates to come, and the date is accurate next to the title. The update will be released on the 7th, and I plan to make it big! Lots more than those things I posted up on that sneak peak (even though that is a big update) I want it to be bigger. Prepare to get your mind blown with screen shots, videos, and big updates.

Current Alpha Testers:
Andrew J.
Blake Gillman (me :3)

Hope to see you guys Saturday for the big update! Also I know I don't have that many subscribers or followers, but I will be doing a live twitch and answer any questions any one has this coming friday. (12/6/13).

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Patch 5

Patch 5_12/3/13

So in this update I wanted to make up for the time I was not updating, and because I won't be able to update the game for a while. Sadly I wasn't able to get too much done, but what I did get done looks pretty sweet.

+Added foliage

Common Asked Questions:
"Can I be a Alpha Tester?"
Currently I have no problem with a few people applying to become an alpha tester, as I do need help finding all the bugs / glitches. Feel free to apply by sending me an email at

"When will the game be released?"
The single player version I hope to release just after Christmas.

"When will Multiplayer be ready?"
When I get the money to host networks and complete single player, as it stands right now the game is in pre-pre-pre alpha and makes me no cash, but I don't mind that because it helps out the community as a whole.

But it would be nice if I could get some help with the project financial wise, via PayPal ( )

Monday, December 2, 2013

Alone World :: The Outbreak

Alone World :: The Outbreak, that's going to be the name of the original project that you guys have been following since the start of the blog. I hope I can succeed at making it a great game, and I also hope to see it's Single Player released within the next 2 weeks. In honor of it, I decided to do a little gameplay video on Twitch. . I will from now on just be saying that I am doing a stream, no longer will I be posting links up.

New stuff:
+Item Spawns
+Inventory System
+Looting System
+Weapon System


Lost, by Bondo Games
Created, Produced, and Designed by: Blake Gillman

You find yourself wandering, wandering around in an unknown forest. Not knowing why, or how you started wandering, but all you know is that you are. You are lost, lost in an unforgiving forest of creatures. And as night approaches, the creatures of the night begin to rise.

This is a side project I am working on right now, it's just to make sure my ideas are fresh, so if I am not working on just one game it will help make so I don't get too caught up in to one aspect of the game, and in the end that can be a big problem. So I have decided I will be doing some side projects here and there.

Download the Pre-Alpha Standalone here:
Check out the first Gameplay / Dev video here:

The game is not even close to finished, as a lot of bugs are there right now. Such as when picking up items, the GUI that says to pick up the item, remains there. And also there are no enemies yet :P .
Feel free to download the standalone (It will take up a lot of space, as a lot of assets that are not In-Game yet are still there in the files, so be wary of that.) You can feel free to download, but there really isn't much there to see. I only uploaded so people could check it out.

Apocalypse Simulator 2084 !

Welcome to Apocalypse Simulator 2084, by Bondo Games, created, developed, and produced by Blake Gillman. Apocalypse Simulator 2084 will allow you to choose from a list of apocalypse scenarios and let you enter a virtual world in which survival is key. All multiplayer Network will be centered around players, and they are completely unpredictable.

What some major changes will be:
(1) The option to choose your apocalypse
(2) All current graphics and models are being recreated for more realistic models / graphics.
(3) The Inventory system is here and ready for use
(4) Looting has a new generation pattern to reduce lagg
(5) The map has been recreated and is now 10x bigger!
(6) Foliage, such as trees and grass are now going to be in the plentiful.
(7) The game is being ReCreated in a way, in case you couldn't tell
(8) I am working now with others on this project (it is now a 2 man team)
(9) I currently have Alpha Testers

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Patch 4

Patch 4 - 12/1/13

So today I recorded a video on Twitch, of the latest game developments. I showed off the models I have put in to the game, and introduced a new weapon called a "Knife". Any ways I have also been experimenting around with scripts and came up with a looting script. So objects will now spawn in to the game at certain areas with a random percentage to spawn certain objects. Now all I have to do is make so you can pick them up.

Check out the video:

"When you say unable to give a specific date are you referring to single player multiplayer or both?"
I *was* referring to both, but now with this new update I think I can estimate Single Player Gameplay to be available within the next two weeks. Multiplayer wise, again I need the money to host Networks in order to do that. Plus a lot of in-between scripts and such.