Saturday, November 30, 2013

The New Twitch

Well I have decided (Sorry if this seems like I am copying greg a little) but to be honest it is a great idea. I will from now on be broadcasting the developments that I do, you can check out the new twitch channel I will be using here . Or this . A live broadcast will be streaming within the next 10 minutes to show off the new Micro-Uzi and Apartment building I've added. Also to show some of the new lighting features I have put in to the game, as well as some other minor things so stay tuned!
(I will be watching chat for comments)

Patch 3 11/30/13

Patch 3

So today I have been kind of lazy, I decided just to work on what was already there. So I fixed some lighting issues, added some windows to the sky scraper, as the current lighting in there was too dark for looting. Also I added an extra floor to the sky scraper to make it seem a little bigger. Lastly, I finished up the Micro-Uzi model.

"When will this game be in a playable stage?"
Singleplayer wise, very soon I would hope as my next project is to work on the interactions between enemy and player (of course I still need to pick a type of apocalypse). Multiplayer wise, I am not quite sure, as I don't have the extra money to pay for a networking cloud. But I hope to get the game up and running ASAP. I am sorry that I am unable to give you a specific date.

To the right you can vote on what type of apocalypse should be made, I did not include the Zombie option because as I said I want to make a long lasting game, and it is sad to say, but the zombie apocalypse trend is coming to an end. So, please take time to think and made a vote that you think would last for years to come.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Patch 2 11/29/13

Patch 2

So the poll results are very clear, so first off the apocalypse wanted is "Zombie". But to be honest even with the votes I am not sure that is what I will do, as in case you all have not noticed the "Zombie Apocalypse" games are every where out there, and to be honest all of you will get bored of it. I want to create an apocalypse that is fresh, new, and something that will become the new trend, as this "Zombie apocalypse" stage is soon going to be over.

Next, the thing you guys most wanted me to work on was the Buildings / Cities, and the Weapons. So as a little "After giving" treat, I will continue to give and create some buildings / Weapons ! So far for you guys I have created the first Sky Scraper. Complete with 3 floors, and a roof. Next up I created the "Uzi" weapon. So, happy updates!

What next?

So first off I need to decide soon what type of apocalypse we are dealing with in this scenario. Zombie, alien, pollution, etc. So in order to do this I decided to have you guys vote. I will make according to the most popular. (Sorry as I am using a free software, there is only a max of 40 votes.)

Also, after you vote there, please take the time to vote what I should work on next In-Game

Thanks guys!. Hope to see your results soon!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Patch 1

Patch 1

I have decided to start naming every thing I do patches. Any ways, I have so far come up with a model for Ak-47, juice, potato chips, and now a building and mountain - like terrain. It all looks fairly simple as it is of course still in development. And I thought I would give you something to see. So, recording live I will show you the updates. Check out my channel here . Also I will post it on YouTube. Thanks, and enjoy.

(Video includes:)
-Walk Script
-Look script
Doesn't include juice or potato chip models (sorry). Enjoy!

Just recorded the video, here it is:

---------------Created an hour later------------------

The day's overview:

-BTW I will try not to make so many posts a day, thanks for watching!

Early Updates

I guess I am on role here, I decided to do some early modeling of the game and it's coming out pretty good. So far there is Juice, Potato Chips, and an Ak47. Not too sure where to go from here, but we shall see.

We have a map

So far I decided before I decide what type of apocalypse it will be, I might as well create a quick map. So this is what I have so far:
It is not much, but it is just a quick plan. SO we will see how things work out from here.

The Plan

So here's the plan. I am going to make a game. That's about it, a few details besides that is that it will be an FPS, Apocalypse, and that there will be looting,vehicles, and stuff like that. I plan on making it a completely free roam type world. And that you will be able to interact with just about every thing. (Such as pulling a short metal pole out of the ground and using it to break open a window). I know it's going to be a long project and that it will take a while to do. But I have hope! So far it will be free, and multiplayer. So that's the plan, and we will see where I can go from there.