Ricky: Better Late Than Never!

We recently ran into some huge problems that forced us to not put out an update, but things are all fixed and here we are!

Artificial Intelligence

The basics of AI have begun with the first up being a guard.

This guard is able to detect you, attack and deal damage to the player, and has a great pathfinding system that lets it access the player anywhere you may go!

Because the game is generated things like pathfinding can't be generated/baked in advance and have to be done after things like buildings and props have generated, this creates more loading time when entering a scene but helps improve performance for AI since they'll have their stuff generated in advance and won't have to calculate it while you play.

Along with this update is a bit of optimization to increase performance.

But don't worry, we're working around the clock! Every update makes the game more and more complete and now that basic AI exists we can focus on other important elements like graphics, UI, or …

Ricky: Nature+ and Buildings+

Now let us be real for a second here, grass that's half the size of the player isn't very appealing. Mix that with flowers the size of the player, and giant roads - the player feels very... small.

But that shan't be a problem anymore my good fellows!

Grass density has been massively increased, and height changes have taken place all across the map, along with the smoothening of a lot of already existing landscapes!

Now I know the last time you got to see nature at all was in the first update of the game, but don't think we'd forgotten about it!

But nature isn't the only thing that's gotten to see some massive improvements! With nature getting more advanced we've made sure to also work on another important feature of the game: Buildings.

Buildings that the player can and cannot enter are very distinct from each other, but by allowing players to enter buildings like this will allow us to create more immersive cities and area for the players to explore.


Ricky: It takes a torch and a well made formula for dungeon generation

What does a game about generating continuous quests, levels, dungeons, items, etc need? Well, how about the ability to generate things. Previously we've worked on generating armor and other items but now dungeons are on the list too!

And of course last update we got the dungeon assets, so why not put them to use?

Currently, there's only one dungeon type, but the generation system is looking fantastic and is adjustable for different dungeon sizes

If there's one thing about a game that cannot be stressed enough it's the lighting, and so far we've been focusing on many other things since it's such a pain but now that main mechanics are out of the way it's time that we get going on the visuals!

The system for generating these dungeons has been reworked four times to finally get it right! Currently, it only generates the "Prime Path" (Discussed in the first update) which is the path from start to finish, next update we'll hope to have the dungeon gener…

Ricky: The first dungeon assets

This update took awhile to get ready for posting, but it's finally here and it looks amazing!

One of the core aspects of any RPG is the ability to stray away from the surface and to find something new whether it be a search for loot, a need to get kills, get experience, or to complete quests.

It's for this reason that a main focus of our development has been on the creation of dungeons and dungeon assets, and we've finally completed the main assets that'll be needed for the first one!

Making these assets as well as texturing them, giving them collisions, and such can be very time consuming but so far I think its turned out great and that the large variety will really help give the game replay-ability!

Some of the raw assets:

Along with these assets work has been done on gameplay which includes the ability for the engine to generate some of the most key items of the game like armor and misc. items and then assigning them worth in coins as well as stats depending on the area …

Ricky: Moving to Unity 2018

The Unity 2018 beta is available and it comes with lots of new artist features that we've been looking for! Because right now is early in the game's development I've come to the conclusion that it's better we make the change now rather than later.

This change will require some time on the programming-end but it'll be nothing compared to the time it would take us in the future when our game is bigger!

Team Project Ricky

Ricky: Dialogue, Equipment & Audio

We've been working hard to get new features of the game implemented, especially the most foundation ones that are required for any Role Playing Game.

The Dialogue System
As it stands right now the dialogue system is fairly simple with buttons appearing as necessary and text showing up, but its with this program that we'll be able to start generating dialogue for shopkeepers, quest givers, or guards who might ask if someone has stolen your sweet roll.

Equipping Equipment
As it currently stands there is not yet an implementation for right-clicking on objects in the player's inventory in order to interact with them so Shift + Left Clicking any equipment item will equip it to the appropriate equipment slot.

Up until this point the game had been completely mute but no longer! A full music and ambient system have been implemented that adjusts according to what area you're in.

We're going to continue to work hard to get updates out as fast as we can but we want to make…

Ricky: First Glance

Its been a long time since I've made any updates, but I'm happy to announce great progress has been made on Project Ricky.

Due to development taking longer than expected I had to ditch the idea of doing updates weekly and definitely of doing them daily like I used to on previous logs, instead I will make posts during large updates and boy is this one of them. We're not too sure on a name so we decided that a project name would be best until then.

The world of Project Ricky so far is very bright and vibrant with a large focus on detail. The team's modelers have been working very hard to create amazing assets like weapons, buildings, player models and other awesome work that has helped put together the game visually as a whole.

Lots of work has been put in on the side of programming as well with the player currently able to spawn onto a landscape, have currency, loot chests, and other foundational features for any RPG to begin. Development has been hard, but its been wel…