Thursday, March 8, 2018

Ricky: Moving to Unity 2018

The Unity 2018 beta is available and it comes with lots of new artist features that we've been looking for! Because right now is early in the game's development I've come to the conclusion that it's better we make the change now rather than later.

This change will require some time on the programming-end but it'll be nothing compared to the time it would take us in the future when our game is bigger!

Team Project Ricky

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Ricky: Dialogue, Equipment & Audio

We've been working hard to get new features of the game implemented, especially the most foundation ones that are required for any Role Playing Game.

The Dialogue System
As it stands right now the dialogue system is fairly simple with buttons appearing as necessary and text showing up, but its with this program that we'll be able to start generating dialogue for shopkeepers, quest givers, or guards who might ask if someone has stolen your sweet roll.

Equipping Equipment
As it currently stands there is not yet an implementation for right-clicking on objects in the player's inventory in order to interact with them so Shift + Left Clicking any equipment item will equip it to the appropriate equipment slot.

Up until this point the game had been completely mute but no longer! A full music and ambient system have been implemented that adjusts according to what area you're in.

We're going to continue to work hard to get updates out as fast as we can but we want to make sure it's done right. If there's one thing we don't want its to be another indie game in "Early Access" for years!

Team Project Ricky

Monday, February 26, 2018

Ricky: First Glance

Its been a long time since I've made any updates, but I'm happy to announce great progress has been made on Project Ricky.

Due to development taking longer than expected I had to ditch the idea of doing updates weekly and definitely of doing them daily like I used to on previous logs, instead I will make posts during large updates and boy is this one of them. We're not too sure on a name so we decided that a project name would be best until then.

The world of Project Ricky so far is very bright and vibrant with a large focus on detail. The team's modelers have been working very hard to create amazing assets like weapons, buildings, player models and other awesome work that has helped put together the game visually as a whole.

Lots of work has been put in on the side of programming as well with the player currently able to spawn onto a landscape, have currency, loot chests, and other foundational features for any RPG to begin. Development has been hard, but its been well worth it and I hope you're all as excited as us for this!

Team Project Ricky

Monday, December 4, 2017

Whiteout Engine Trello

Since development is taking so long (mostly because I'm unorganized) I decided to make a Trello to organize things!

Every time I feel an update is finished I'll publish it to the blog - But its development is to be updated on the Trello:

A note about The Infinite RPG:
The team assembly is going great - Mostly I'm in need of 3D Modelers but final interviews are coming up soon so development should get going soon!

Friday, November 24, 2017

Whiteout Game Engine

(I'm assembling a team for "The Infinite RPG" in the meantime I'm working on this)

For school I need to test out of programming class and my teacher told me that proof of my ability would be best showcased with a project. So I've decided to make my own Game Engine.

For awhile I hated working on games because I love programming but I hate graphic design, so what better way to meet my want than to do something that is nearly 100% programming?

The Whiteout Game Engine

An in-development Game Engine being programmed from scratch with its own Physics & Rendering engine. This entire project is being made using Eclipse and being programmed in Java.

The game engine's API will be based off of Unity's C# API. Well-written documentation will be provided as the project progresses, but for right now there's so much going on internally that I don't even know where to begin.

There are 5 planned "Main panels" and 2 "Main windows" at the moment.

  • Window #1 - Engine: Which is responsible for hosting all 5 of the planned panels as well as managing most of the engine's leg-work.
  • Window #2 - Startup Window: A short introductory window that provides useful tips, quick links, etc.

  • Panel #1 - View2D: A 2D View of the world from the perspective of the active camera in the scene
  • Panel #2 - Hierarchy: A list of all GameObject's in the scene
  • Panel #3 - Inspector: A window allowing you to edit details or add components to GameObject's
  • Panel #4 - Explorer: A user-created set of folders that allow you to store things like scripts or saved GameObject's
  • Panel #5 - Editor2D: A 2D view of the entire world allowing you to create and modify GameObject's

So far a lot of work has been done (Over 900 lines of code) and most of that work has been internal. Defining things like GameObject's, what cameras are, etc. Visually the engine isn't much yet:

but internally it has a lot going on! At the moment those menus at the top "Create, File, etc." don't do anything they're just for show.

Because I'd rather not bore anyone with everything the engine has going on, on the inside I'll just cover a couple rules the engine has so far:

A) There may only be one active camera.
This may change in the future but for right now if you have more than one camera in a scene that's active it will render the first one it finds and only that camera.

B) Switching cameras
When a camera starts rendering in the View2D panel it is assigned as the "Main Camera" (The active camera). In order to switch which camera is the active camera you must disable the current active camera so that the rendering engine can find a new one.

Because this engine is being made for a class and because it's all programming-based I'm confident I'll be able to do great things with it and take it far! But that's not all, because I need to highlight its ability to function in order to prove it can do what I say it does I will be making an example game that will come with the engine (once it's done of course).

Saturday, October 28, 2017

The Infinite RPG: The Beginning

"The Infinite RPG" is an idea I've been working on, on paper for quite some time, but now it's time to get started. The idea is a game where the RPG never ends.

In normal RPG's there are a ton of quests but most the time they are just different versions of the same quests (Find the item(s), kill the person, rescue the person, etc.). So what's wrong with being able to generate an infinite amount of those? Not only that, but to generate the quests inside of generated dungeons! That means there will be a large variety of maps and each map won't be the same twice.

Everything from the positioning of props to the placement of enemies to possible traps and loot will be generated. Items such as weapons and armor will also be generated.

For those of you curious to see how I'm going to do it, here's my 25 minute theory video on how I'm going to generate levels (Dungeons, Cities, Encampments, etc.):

I'm hoping to do these blog updates at least once a week if not more!


5 years experience with Unity and 3 former blogs, lets see how this goes.

Bondo Games is the name of the blog to represent my future goal of creating a gaming company called Bondo Games. My work in game development so far has been great for experience, but I'm hoping to start taking on a project for Steam!